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4th of July BBQ for Your Construction Crew

on Wednesday, 03 July 2013. Posted in Blog

The Fourth of July is only days away! Have you planned your Fourth of July BBQ yet? We’ve curated a list of fun recipes to help spark some inspiring Fourth of July party ideas.

Fourth of July Hot Dog Bar

Summer is the perfect time of year to reward your employees with a special BBQ. This is especially true for an industry like ours where our crew is outside in the heat for most of the day. A Fourth of July BBQ is a fun way to tell your employees how much you appreciate all of their hard work. You can quickly throw together this simple (and delicious) Patriotic Hot Dog Bar for your team any day of the week. From spicy Mexican flavors to traditional chili dogs, a hot dog bar is a great way to please a wide variety of appetites. Simply set out the condiments and let your guests be as creative (or plain) as they want. You may want to print a “suggested recipes” guide to help them mix and match the ingredients. Before you start up the grill, check out this practical advice from Fox News about how to build the perfect hot dog. The Hot Dog Bar we’ve created was inspired by the recipes linked below.

Ingredients / Shopping List

For the Hot Dog Bar:

Hot Dog Buns
Hot Dogs (Beef, Turkey, or Tofu, depending on your preferences)
Shredded Cheese
Dices Sweet Onions
Pickled Jalapenos
Chopped Cucumbers
Shredded Carrots
Fresh Cilantro
Lime Wedges
Green Onions

Suggested Hot Dog Recipes

Loaded-hot-Dog THE CHILI DOG: There’s nothing better than a traditional chili dog, except when you put coleslaw on it! Yum. Check out this great idea for a Chili and Coleslaw hotdog. See below for a delicious coleslaw recipe.
Mexican-hot-dog SOUTH OF THE BORDER DOG: Some like it spicy! Turn your traditional hot dog dinner into a Mexican feast by topping the dog with some South of the Border flavors. These easy to find and assemble ingredients will satisfy the taste buds of your guests who like it hot.
THE HEALTHY DOG: For your more health conscious guests, offer a hot dog option with fresh vegetables, whole grain buns, and tofu dogs. These dogs will taste refreshing and light, but are still packed with the great American hot dog flavors we crave.
THE CRAZY DOG: This hot dog has no rhyme or reason. That's why we love the hot dog bar. Your guests can make the dog with which ever ingredients make their mouths water.


On the side

Salad COLESLAW: This isn’t your traditional coleslaw. The ingredients include broccoli stems, greek yogurt, and honey mustard. Talk about a yummy hot dog topping!
potato-Salad-2 POTATO SALAD: We all know that potato salad is a must. No Fourth of July BBQ is complete without potato salad. We’ve included two delicious recipes (one featuring garlic, and the other featuring bacon. When it comes to celebrating our Independence, we figured bacon and garlic were two important ingredients.


Patriotic Snack and Drink

Drinks PATRIOTIC JELLO: We found this really easy to assemble Red, White, and Blue Jello Salad. This dish will add the perfect amount of patriotic colors to your table, and surely please the kids (big and small alike).
4th-july-punch PATRIOTIC PUNCH: Drink it up. This Patriotic Punch is extremely tasty and easy to make. The ingredients include Apple Juice, Sprite, and a mixture of fresh fruit.
IMG3005 DECORATIONS: Check out this blog for some inspiring patriotic decoration and treat ideas.

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